HI! I'm Filo, an eighteen year-old girl from Buenos Aires, Argentina, obsessed with Sonic and Sci-Fi stuff, Enjoy my blog :D
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Adventure Time #20

  • Me: bursts through your wall
  • Me: aggressively walks over to you
  • Me: looks you in the eye
  • Me: Hello do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Saviour Shadow the Hedgehog?


Stupid triangle



stop doing things in unison you adorable little jerKs

God dammit


Every Dorito is a triangle but not every triangle is a Dorito


finished some more of those drawings from the other day :^)

i want to draw but my abuela keeps playing.


Credit to Jeff Smith, the author of Bone


me: stop being racist please

family:  listen… liberal hippie trash ….u dont know anything abotu the world….


I just wanted to draw some cute hugs okay

i’m gonna go to sleep a little more now, i’m really tired for everything!

colorfullyminded replied to your post: Yesterday i had this episode. A really strong headache…

Oh my gosh, are you okay? That sounds awful hon. Oh man, I’m glad to see hear you’re not hurt though. But yikes, be extra careful today hon.

yeah, don’t worry, i’m fine, thank you for asking :D ♥. It is not the first time i pass out for a strong headache, but it’s the first time it happens like this. Now i have to drink a lot of water and rest!

Yesterday i had this episode. A really strong headache began and then i wasn’t able to see. i was dizzy and confused. i think i passed out because suddenly i was laying on my mother’s bed with all my family around telling me to answer, but i barely was able to listen what they were saying. I was feeling a tingling on my face and arms. i don’t know what happened next, but they called the ambulance, i was put on a drip and they gave me this pill that i don’t even know for what it was. i slept for almost 20 hours. I think they said it was for dehydration or something? now i’m on a diet and i’m so much better, but i still have a soft headache.