HI! I'm Filo, an eighteen year-old girl obsessed with Sonic and Sci-Fi stuff, Enjoy my blog :D
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My blog is cold

i need to take more pictures of myself

i feel very identified with Dipper, but i am a little of Mabel too, so i’m a mix

i’m so proud of that code!!


i know this isnt techinally a proper gijinka b/c animal ears but sonic with a mohawk

Gravity Falls Karaoke Picks (Oldies)




Dipper: (Disco Girl) Dancing Queen- Abba

Mabel: Don’t (Start)Stop (UN)Believing- Journey

Stan: Old Time Rock & Roll- Bob Segar

Soos: Eye of the Tiger- Suvivor

Wendy: Don’t Stop me Now- Queen




Mabel & Dipper: I’ll Stand by You- The Pretenders

Mabel & Stan: Do you Believe in Magic- The Lovin’ Spoonful

Dipper & Stan: Dream On- Aerosmith

Dipper & Soos: Carry on my Wayward Son- Kansas

Mabel and Soos: Safety Dance- Men without Hats

Soos and Stan: Piano Man- Billy Joel

Soos and Wendy: Don’t you Forget About Me- Simple Minds

Wendy and Dipper: Smells Like Teen Spirit- Nirvana

Wendy and Mabel: Love is a Battlefield- Pat Benatar

Grenda & Candy: Material Girl- Madonna




Dipper, Mabel & Stan: Taking Over Midnight- &NDRA

Dipper, Mabel & Soos: Lean On Me- Bill Withers

Candy, Grenda & Mabel: Girls Just wanna have fun- Cindy Lauper

Everyone: Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen


((I know some of these songs aren’t specifically duets, they’re just songs I assume the characters would sing together. And even if they’re singing a song that implies romance or was generally a romantic song, it might not actually be directed at the other singer, or the love is platonic))



There’s a big storm comin’
and I don’t care.
There’s a big storm comin’
and I don’t care.
So, ooooh baby,
give me my ticket to hell

There’s a high tide risin’
and I don’t mind.
There’s a high tide risin’and I don’t mind.

So, oooooh baby,
Just give me my ticket to hell!


decided to make mini headcanon reference sheets for the golden trio if only to keep my colours consistent— but i ended up getting a bit silly with it. oops.


Sonic OVA

my inbox doesn’t work. I don’t know if it’s just me or if it’s happening to everyone because tumblr isn’t working…


No ref, gravity fall shenaniganry



the hawaiian shirt is here to stay


Tailses. TAILSES.