HI! I'm Filo, an eighteen year-old girl from Buenos Aires, Argentina, obsessed with Sonic and Sci-Fi stuff, Enjoy my blog :D
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i’ve been really busy this latests days… (like the past week and before). i’m trying to re-organize my life after years of depression. I wasn’t able to finish school and start college and my relationship with my parents has been getting worst and worst everyday (and more other things).

But now, suddenly everything started to change, i dont know why, maybe i understood things or maybe the beautiful people i met made my life brighter and they gave me the strength to keep going.

Now i have a job, a beautiful girlfriend that i love (and i miss a lot because of this heavy days), and my exams to start college will be soon and i’m feeling more energized to study, im enjoying everyday now, every minute. (there are other details of my life that has been better but i’m not going to make them public.)

So yeah, life is good. There is hope people THERE IS HOPE!! ♥





pacificrimmovie makes a single tweet to a Facebook photo and I nearly throw my laptop.

hey samaelcarver




im still pissed.


I know I draw Silver a lot - but does that mean I will stop even just for one day?

the answer is no



palette swaps

mabel tho


some gravity falls doodles from the past 2 days

Family means putting your arms around each other and being there. | Then vs. Now


*vomits cute shit at u*

transparent gfs 8D


friendly reminder that you are a wonderful person and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.  and let me tell you a thing, there is no one better than you.  your uniqueness is what makes you great.  you are incredibly important to a lot of people and always will be.  do whatever you want with your life because you’ve earned it


I wanted to draw Mabel during an ~anime phase~ and I just added Dipper there (also WOW proportions just ignore that pls thank u)


Something old and Something New

((From my Limitless Heights Au. In this Au, the twins personalities are switched, though it’s different from Reverse Falls because Dipper and Mabel are not evil in this AU.

In this AU, Mabel is the more serious of the two. She wants to discover the mysteries of Gravity Falls & find the author of the journal. She thinks obsessing over boys is dumb, and she’s generally antisocial—though unlike Dipper in Canon—she chooses to not make friends. She’s even admitted, “Why do I need other friends, I already have you Dipper, and You’re already more than I can handle”. Despite her sometimes cool demeanor towards people (including her twin brother), she cares deeply for her family and if she ever lost her brother, she’d be truly devastated, (just don’t let her brother know that).

Dipper on the other hand is literally a male equivalent to Luna Lovegood. For those who don’t know Harry Potter, imagine a boy with a very whimsical voice, who sounds and looks always sleepy even when he’s wide awake. That’s Dipper. Calm and collected, the boy just wants to take the scenic route and enjoy all that life has to offer. He’s a flower child, walking barefoot, usually with some nature like accessory (flower crown, Thorn Crown, Leigh) in his hair or on his person. Like Canon Mabel, Dipper wears plaid hoodies that change color and design every day. Usually in his company is his pet Pygmy Goat (and his princess) Chewy. He speaks very cryptically that often times it’s hard to understand what he’s trying to say, but he’s an easygoing kid and you’d be hard pressed to find a frown drawn on his face. 

Yeah Waddles isn’t in this au, instead we have Chewy.

Dipper just wants to make his sister happy and live in peace with everything and everyone. Mabel just wants to get through the summer without tearing all her hair out.

I have a lot of other Gravity Falls folks personalities too, so if any of you would like to know about them, just ask))


i want rigby teasing mordecai about being a furry to be a real thing in the show (sorta related to this)